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Nine of Spades represents youth, fashion, luxury and happiness.


With a strong focus on durability, quality and honesty we want to provide young adults a product which gives added value to their lifestyle and self awareness.

Therefor we deliver quality and fashionable looks at a fair price.


For me, the 9 of Spades is the most goodlooking card in the deck.


The logo resembles the ancient roman number 9 with hidden spades in between. Be surprised!


We believe in making the difference. Therefor we've searched for the best quality on the market and combine it with a low use of distributors. This way we're able to provide that high standard quality products at a reasonable price. 


The designs are homemade and represent our valuables youth, luxury and happiness. 

We're making use of the natural fabric TENCEL® which is the lyocell fiber from the house of Lenzing. It is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. (used in Women's Sweatshirts)